Saturday 25 October 2014

Ozeri Bathroom Scales: Review

I like cake, as you may have noticed. I am also trying to lose weight and the two things are probably mutually exclusive. They don't need to be, of course- I can make a cake and take it into work and not have more than one slice, or I can make a batch of cookies for someone as a gift and not even try them myself. I also have loads of Weightwatchers and Slimming World cookery books which means I can find recipes for dinner that are low fat and low calorie. But, I like cake.

So I have to watch my weight and part of that is weighing myself. Did you know that your weight fluctuates throughout the day and you will weigh a different amount in the morning and the evening? So the best thing to do is weight yourself at the same time.

That's not the easiest thing to remember when we have busy lives which is why I love the fact that these bathroom scales from Ozeri have an alarm you can set to go off to remind you to weight yourself! Of course the alarm is optional if you don't want the reminder :-)

I was sent these scales by Ozeri and they look very good in my new bathroom (regular readers will know I have recently moved house). They are a retro design with what looks like a manual needle and scale but in fact there is a digital display that lights up when you step on the scales. You don't need to switch them on or off - they come on when you stand on them.

The scales I had before were similar but needed to 'calibrate' every time they came on, which meant you had to stand on them, or pick up the scales and tip them and put them down again, for them to come on and calibrate, and then you could get back on and weigh yourself. These Ozeri scales work straight away - no need for stepping on twice to calibrate them, and the first reading is the only one you need. Anything that saves me valuable seconds in the morning rush is good in my book!

You can set the display to either kilos or pounds; the only disappointment to me was that the scales don't include a body fat percentage reading, which I have had on scales in the past.

The front of the scales is frosted glass which is good- my old ones were white and over time they did go a bit yellow, which I don't think would happen with these.

The RRP of these scales is £29.99 but Amazon has them at the moment for £19.99 which I feel is good value, as you also get the batteries included.

Disclaimer: I was sent these scales by Ozeri to review. I was not required to make positive comments and all words and opinions are my own.

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