Monday 27 October 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Week 44

Monday – at a choir rehearsal so my boyfriend will have dinner at his mum's
Tuesday – out at a colleague’s leaving drinks; my boyfriend will either go to his mum's or have to cook himself.
Wednesday –  pizza: needs to be quick as I have to make a cake for a bake sale tomorrow
Thursday – also need something quick as I will probably be working late: I will have a Weightwatchers ready meal and my boyfriend can have chicken in breadcrumbs from the freezer with chips
Friday – should be home early as I have to go into work very early this morning so I will have time to cook a proper dinner. I think I'll do spaghetti Bolognese.
Saturday – my parents are coming to stay.
Lunch- pumpkin soup
Dinner- with my parents and boyfriend's mum who is vegetarian so I will make two dishes (as the two men won't eat vegetarian meals). First a Winter Crumble from The Creative Vegetarian Cookbook and secondly a savoury chicken and bacon crumble inspired by this recipe. I am also going to make a dessert, of course: I've never made a baked Alaska before but think it might be fun. I found a traditional recipe in James Martin Desserts, but prefer the look of this one I found online.
Sunday lunch- day out with my parents
Dinner – pulled pork in the slow cooker I can put on before we go out

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  1. Quick meals are a must when things are hectic.
    Mondays and Thursdays are like that... My slow cooker comes in so handy on those days!



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