Monday 19 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - Week 21

home alone - bbq pork shoulder (a ready to cook item I was given by someone who bought it then couldn't use it - it turned out to be really nice!)

steak and chips

turkey steaks in a hot and spicy glaze for him with mashed potato, rest of pork shoulder for me

the other half is off to see Godzilla at the cinema so I was going to meet a friend for a drink but I have too much to do at home so will stay in and plough through my to do list. For dinner I'll have salmon with a feta, lemon and red onion crust (from a magazine)

Tonight he's staying at his mum's house as it's her birthday on Saturday and he wanted to be there for the morning (I'm going round on Saturday). It's been a really busy few weeks and I just want to chill out and catch up on things I need to do! I think I'll have pasta for dinner. With a homemade pasta sauce if I can be bothered!

Lunch - beans on toast/ mackarel in a mustard sauce on toast
Dinner - takeaway with my boyfriend's mum for her birthday

Lunch - a bacon sandwich for him and jacket potato for me. We may not have much time as we are going car shopping in the morning. Yes folks, at the ripe old age of 35 I'm thinking about buying my first car!
Dinner - balsamic chicken risotto from a recipe card that I was going to make last week but didn't. Dessert: eclairs

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