Sunday 11 May 2014

Curry Pie Topped With Rice

My recent foray into fusion food with the Fish and Chip Pie got me thinking about another British classic, indeed at one time the nation's favourite food: chicken curry. If you can put fish and chips into a pie, surely you can do the same with curry?
I do actually have a confession to make - this entire thought process did not happen after I made the fish and chip pie but at the same time. My boyfriend doesn't eat any kind of fish but I really wanted to make this for dinner one night, and was racking my brain to think of something he would eat. Then the concept of chicken curry pie came to me. There are plenty of chicken pies available in supermarkets and recipes online where the chicken is in a curry sauce, and encased in pastry for both the base and lid. But to my knowledge (translation- a brief Google search) there has never been a chicken pie with a rice lid. After topping a pie with chips I knew I would be able to do it with rice - so I give you my original recipe for a Chicken Curry Pie with Rice Lid.
As I was making this when I came home after work, at the same time as making the fish and chip pie, I have to admit I cheated and used ready-made ingredients: not only did I use ready-made shortcrust pastry but I also used a jar of korma sauce and a pouch of Uncle Ben's microwavable rice! You can of course make your own curry sauce and indeed pilau rice from scratch.
But all I did was:

 Preheat oven. Line an individual casserole dish with ready made shortcrust pastry and bake blind for ten minutes.
Meanwhile cut a chicken breast or a few chicken mini fillets into chunks and cook in a frying pan. Add korma sauce from a jar and heat through.

Place the chicken pies and korma sauce onto the cooked pastry base. Microwave some Uncle Ben's rice according to pack instructions and top the pie with rice. Return to the oven for five minutes then serve.


  1. Another brilliant idea and something I want to try out with other things that I put with rice, not just curry =)

  2. that does sound quite good.

  3. that sounds quiet good.


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