Monday 12 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - Week 20

Monday - Home alone so I will make the most of it with some fish - rainbow trout fillet with lemon and parsley from Tesco- and some Emily Thorne on TV.
Tuesday - leftover boeuf bourgignon for me, sausage and mash for the other half

Wednesday - for a late lunch I'm having afternoon tea at the Berkeley which was part of my birthday present from my boyfriend's mum. Not sure I will want much for dinner but I will have to cook something for my boyfriend when he gets home. If I do want dinner I'll have the other piece of rainbow trout.

Thursday- out seeing Cats the Musical and dinner out beforehand

Friday - spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread for the other half. Homemade pasta sauce if I have time.

Saturday - Home alone for lunch as my boyfriend has to work (postponed from last week). I'll have cauliflower soup with za'atar seasoning and goat's cheese salad from a recipe I tore out of a magazine.

Dinner out in Covent Garden then going to see a stage show of Aliens, which sounds a bit random I know!

Lunch: bacon sandwich for him, baked potato for me

Dinner: balsamic chicken risotto from a recipe card. Dessert: eclairs

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  1. Ohh a stage show of Aliens does sound very random but very interesting!
    Great meal plan! Have a fab week x


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