Monday 30 December 2013

Meal Planning 2014 - Week 1

It isn't technically 2014 yet but last week was week 52 of 2013 so I guess that makes this week 1 of 2014! I thought I had done some menu planning and realised last night that I hadn't at all so this is all a bit last minute- oops!

First day back at work after having been away visiting family over Christmas, so there isn't a whole lot of food in the house for instance (no yogurt which is a breakfast staple for instance) - the online grocery shop is coming tomorrow as I get a half day for new year's eve.

Breakfast porridge with fruit
Lunch leftover turkey sandwich (of course)
Dinner fishfingers and chips from the freezer

Breakfast porridge with fruit
Lunch  New Year's Eve so we get a half day at work, so I will want something I can eat quickly and go, so I will have a sandwich
Dinner As my boyfriend and I had a busy Christmas with family, we will spend new year's eve at home together. I got the Lakeland molecular gastronomy kit for my birthday and haven't gotten around to using it yet so will use that to whip up something unusual for dinner!

New year's day - bank holiday
Breakfast yogurt
Lunch baked potatoes
Dinner having my boyfriend's mum over for dinner so I'm making a curry followed by creme brulee cheesecake to try out the cook's blowtorch I got for Christmas

Breakfast  yogurt
Lunch sandwich

Dinner spaghetti and cheese-stuffed meatballs

Breakfast yogurt.
Lunch sandwich
Dinner leftover mashed potato with whatever we have in the freezer eg fish in breadcrumbs

Breakfast  yogurt
Lunch homemade broccoli and stilton soup for me, tomato soup for him
Dinner steak and chips. Dessert: Heath bar pie.

Breakfast Eggy bread
Lunch pasta bake
Dinner sticky BBQ chicken with Slimming World chips, which I have had on the meal plan twice recently and didn't make either time!

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