Monday 23 December 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 52

I'm really pleased that I lost 2.5 pounds last week given it is so close to Christmas! I am going to make more of an effort with Slimming World next year but this week I will be staying with family and friends so won't have as much control over meals.

Monday I've got the day off today though my boyfriend is at work. Today I'm going to make the dessert that I'm taking to my parents on Christmas day (assuming I can fit everything in my boyfriend's car, which has a tiny boot and no back seats!)
Breakfast cereal

Lunch broccoli and stilton soup
Dinner seeing my boyfriend's parents - I think we are having takeaway at his mum's house

Tuesday -Christmas Eve
Breakfast cereal or yogurt

Lunch either leftover soup from yesterday or a baked potato
Dinner We are going to see my boyfriend's family this afternoon, I don't know if we will still be there for dinner or not. If we are back home I will cook fishfingers and chips as it's quick and easy.

Wednesday - Christmas Day
Breakfast With my boyfriend at our house - but we won't have much time as we need to leave to drive to my parents by 9am, and I'd like to open some presents before we go!
Lunch With my parents - turkey and all the trimmings

Dinner with my parents - probably a turkey sandwich and some sausage rolls

Boxing Day- still at my parents' so don't know what I will be having

- still at my parents' so don't know what I will be having

- at my parents then with friends for the rest of the day so don't know what we are having

- I will be leaving my friend's house at some point and coming back to London so the only meal I can really plan is dinner and it will need to be something quick and easy that my boyfriend also likes, e.g. fishfingers and chips

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