Wednesday 30 October 2013

Restaurant Review - Kolpapa, Covent Garden

Restaurant name: Kolpapa
Location: Covent Garden, London
Description: Café bar and restaurant that offers fusion food with a New Zealand twist
Reason for visit: Meeting up with former work colleagues for drinks and dinner.

I ate: I had already eaten before joining my friends so ordered a dessert while they ate main courses. I had a peanut butter parfait, with chocolate mousse and crumble topping and salted caramel sauce.
My companions ate: Two chose the West Country beef burger and I think one had the quinoa, tomato and pomegranate salad. There is also kangaroo on the menu.

The food was: My dessert was delicious and very rich. The burgers were declared excellent.
The atmosphere/service was: The place was still busy even late into the evening; it's located near several theatres so has a steady stream of people at different times. Service was fine overall though the waitress forgot one side order of fries and my friend waited so long for the waitress to return that he had eaten half his burger by then and decided not to bother mentioning it.

Price range/value for money: Expensive - my dessert was really not that big and cost £8.50. The burgers were more reasonable at £9.90 though fries are an extra £3.95.
Would I recommend it? The menu is a little ecletic for my taste; it is good if you are with a group as everyone will find something they want (and vegetarians seem well catered for) but it's fairly expensive and not somewhere I would make a point of returning to.

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