Saturday 5 October 2013

Restaurant Review: Japanese Canteen, London

Restaurant name: Japanese Canteen
Location: Watling Street, London
Description: Japanese rice and noodle dishes to eat in or take away - a great lunch spot for City workers. The food is similar to Wagamama's in style, but you sit at individual or small tables with high bar stools.
Reason for visit: Meeting a friend for lunch who worked nearby.

I ate: Chicken katsu curry with rice, £6.45
My companion ate: Chicken ramen (noodle soup). also £6.45
The food was: Excellent - it is made and served very quickly but tastes freshly cooked; the katsu curry sauce is spicy but not too much.
The atmosphere/service was: This is a semi-self-service place; you order at the counter and pay, the are given a number and wait at another counter until your number is called, then you collect your food. It's fast and efficient and the service is friendly.
Price range/value for money: Dishes like the chicken katsu curry include rice in the price, so at £6.45 it's more expensive than going out to buy a sandwich at lunchtime, and to me a little expensive still for something to eat at my desk, but it's good value and a good location to meet people for lunch.
Would I recommend it? Yes, I've been here a few times, the food is good and the fast service - and proximity to my office - means it's a convenient and enjoyable place to meet friends for lunch.

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