Sunday 20 October 2013

Restaurant Review - Haz Cafe, St. Paul's, London

Restaurant name: Haz
Location: Foster Lane, St. Paul's, London
Description: Turkish/Lebanese-style restaurant with a restaurant area on one side and a deli on the other with both eat-in and takeaway options.
Reason for visit: Friday lunch with work colleagues as it is near our office; one is vegetarian and it offers plenty of options for her.
I ate:The deli section has a range of dishs at varying prices; the main salad section costs £1.75 per portion and they recommend three or four; there are also some hot meat options such as borek (filo pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach) and huge pieces of bread. On this occasion I had bread, houmous, some sort of chicken in white sauce with walnuts, Mediterranean cous cous and potato salad, which came to £7 for a huge plateful.
My companions ate: A selection of the dishes on offer -I can't remember exactly who had what! The houmous is always popular though.

The food was: Very good; the bread is very filling and I like that there are a lot of options. The only downside is that nothing is labelled, so I end up having to ask what almost every single option is. It's fine for regulars who know what they want but I find it hard to choose, and not knowing what anything is doesn't really help!
The atmosphere/service was: Friendly service and the staff are very patient when you ask what everything is. If you eat in, you pay at the till and carry your own plate to the table, which makes it speedy enough for a work lunch.
Price range/value for money: It's possible to eat quite cheaply here or to have a much more expensive meal, depending on how many items you want on your plate and if you go for the more expensive meat or speciality hot dishes or stick to the salads, couscous and houmous.
Would I recommend it? It's not my favourite type of food and I don't like having to ask what everything is, but the food is good, it's possible to have a quick and not too expensive lunch and it definitely makes a nice change. It's also very popular with my work colleagues.

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