Thursday 31 October 2013

Restaurant Review - The Anthologist, Gresham Street, London

Restaurant name: The Anthologist
Location: Gresham Street, London
Description: Bar/restaurant that is part of the same chain as the Folly, which I have reviewed previously. It has a modern design with quirky touches and a lot of space for the city centre.
Reason for visit: Lunch with work colleagues

Lobster po'boy

I ate: Lobster po'boy - described as a sandwich that originated in New Orleans in the 1920s, served in a long roll.
My companions ate: blue cheese beefburger, crispy duck and noodle salad. The menu has intriguing and unusual dishes like pea, broad bean and dandelion risotto, and Maryland buttermilk chicken burger, along with the usual suspects.
The food was: My lobster po'boy was £19.95 for a little bit of lobster and a lot of lettuce in a long white roll - the roll was toasted, but not that big. I was expecting a crusty roll or something substantial but it was a lot smaller and really not very filling. I'd recommend getting a side of fries with this. It's really not worth the price and I was very disappointed.

duck and noodle salad

The atmosphere/service was: Service wasn't great - we hadn't booked , but were shown to a table right in front of the door and my colleague asked if we could sit somewhere further inside and the greeter was quite curt with us but did show us to another table. The waitress who served us was friendly and efficient.
Price range/value for money: The duck and noodles were reasonably priced and you got a big bowlful, but I can't get over the small size and high price of my lobster sandwich.
Would I recommend it? For drinks in the evening maybe; for lunch I guess it's OK but don't order the lobster roll.

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