Thursday 28 February 2013

Spiced Butternut Squash Cottage Pie

Lurpak (the butter brand) has started a bake club on its website, encouraging users to cook a particular dish every month and upload their pictures in the hope of winning a prize. The first dish this month was the humble cottage pie - something I don't think I've ever made before!

I wanted to put a healthy twist on it, Slimming World style so I decided to give the cottage pie a butternut squash topping.

To start, chop an onion and sweat it in Fry-Light

Add some diced red and green pepper

Chop your butternut squash - I cut up a whole one as I used the leftover to make soup

Boil the butternut squash until tender in some vegetable stock. The green pieces you can see in the picture below are the stock cube I crumbled into the pan before adding the water. I also seasoned it with some cumin and coriander.

This is a particularly frugal recipe as my beef mince was reduced... possibly because the horsemeat scandal has put people off mince!

Add the mince to the pan with the onion and the peppers and fry until browned. I then added 2 tbsp passata (that I had leftover in the fridge from another recipe) and a splash of Lea & Perrins.

When cooked, spoon the mince into the bottom of a pie or baking dish.

When the butternut squash is tender, mash it and spread across the top.

Cook in a preheated oven for about 20 mins. The butternut squash didn't go crispy on top like mashed potato does, but it was a tasty and healthy alternative.

I am sending this to Credit Crunch Munch, hosted by Camilla at Fab Food 4 All and Helen at Fuss Free Flavours.


  1. i would never have thought of putting butternut squash on top of cottage pie. i usually make soup with mine. cos we love it.

  2. What a lovely twist on an old classic, we love Butternut Squash in our family and I bet this was delicious! Thank you for entering Credit Crunch Munch.


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