Monday 25 February 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 9

Last week's meals didn't really go to plan, as both my boyfriend and I were ill; some days I wanted comfort food so switched what I had planned, and one night I went to his house and we had burger and chips. I know chicken soup is meant to be the thing, but I really wanted chips! What's your ultimate comfort food when you're ill?
So this week's plan repeats some of what I was meant to have last week.

I also managed to lose two and a half pounds last week, which I'm really pleased and also quite surprised about! I hope I don't put any back on this week...

Breakfast Mullerlight
Lunch Leftover cottage pie from Sunday
Dinner Choir rehearsal -  sandwich then will probably have a hot snack when I get home

Breakfast Mullerlight
Lunch Out with a friend
Dinner Having my boyfriend over so I will make the chicken katsu curry I planned for last week, possibly followed by Earl Grey Panna Cotta from Breakfast for Dinner, p146, if I have the ingredients as I haven't checked :-) But otherwise if he wants dessert there are some of my chocolate and ginger cookies left.

Breakfast Mullerlight
Lunch Butternut squash soup and a bread roll
Dinner Tuna steak and noodles

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Salmon in lemon sauce (in a tin, haven't tried this before) with cold new potatoes and salad or hot potatoes and veg
Dinner Out with my boyfriend (TBA)

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Butternut squash soup and a bread roll
Dinner Coca-Cola Bayou Gumbo from Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola, p69

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch pizza pitta pocket
Dinner With my boyfriend, dinner takeaway-style curry from the supermarket for a treat as I haven't had that in years (and I'm not going to think about the syns)
Dessert: Sprite Apple Pie from Classic Cooking With Coca-Cola, p.150

It now looks like we've got friends coming round for dinner on Saturday so I'm replanning the menu... I think I'll do the gammon I was going to cook tomorrow, but with a honey glaze, with roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese, followed by a Green & Black's chocolate and peanut butter pie.

Brunch with my boyfriend - Moroccan chicken cinnamon rolls from Breakfast for Dinner, p89
Dinner Roast gammon joint with parsley sauce
Update - will depend on what we have on Saturday and whether there are leftovers!


  1. I can't stop thinking about earl grey pannacotta! let us know how it turns out, I made pannacotta before and over set it - yuck!

    1. The pannacotta was to use up some cream I had left from something else but I'm not actually sure how much is left and whether I will be able to make this dessert or not!

  2. Mmm, that sounds fabulous. The salmon in lemon sauce sounds particularly good :)

    1. It came that way in a tin! Like when you get pilchards in a tomato sauce - I thought it would be an easy thing to take into work!

  3. Ooooh classic cooking with Coca Cola sounds fascinating! I want to do the ham in coke one day.

  4. Unfortunately the chicken katsu curry didn't turn out very well at all..... oh well, we win some and we lose some!

  5. i think i will come and eat with you all week again,it all sounds lovely.

  6. I am ever so slightly freaked out by the thought of a tin of salmon in lemon sauce!

    1. John West does something similar with tuna, which I haven't tried but it looks perfectly normal! I'll let you know what it was like...


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