Monday 18 February 2013

Meal Planning - 2013 Week 8

Another half pound off last week.. surprising given what I ate for Valentine's Day! I went out for afternoon tea on Saturday and ate a LOT of cake and scones so I need to be good all week or I will have a disappointment on the scales this Saturday!

Breakfast Mullerlight
Lunch Jacket potato with chicken
Dinner Choir rehearsal after work so taking houmous and pitta to snack on

Breakfast Mullerlight
Lunch Sandwich or baked potato (meeting a friend in a cafe)

Dinner Might go out with my boyfriend or might stay home - if I'm cooking I will make a Slimming World chicken katsu curry

Breakfast Mullerlight

Lunch Pitta bread with tuna

Dinner Slimming World beef stroganoff

Breakfast Cereal

Lunch Chicken drumsticks and potato salad
Dinner With my boyfriend - herb and spice crusted chicken breasts from Lavender and Lovage with potato wedges

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Chicken drumsticks and potato salad
Dinner Tuna steak with noodles

Breakfast Cereal

Lunch Packed lunch - 5-hour choir rehearsal that with traveling time takes up 8 hours of my day!
Dinner Will go to my boyfriend's house for dinner and either have what he's having or some fish I think is in their freezer with a baked potato

Breakfast At my boyfriend's; they usually have bacon rolls so I will take some low-fat turkey bacon if I remember
Lunch Depends what time we had breakfast; I may want something small so maybe a pasta Mug Shot
Dinner Cottage pie


  1. All sounds very healthy - am sure you'll be in for a pleasant surprise on the scales.

  2. All sounds great!
    Have a fab week x

  3. Well done on the loss! Great meal plan, fingers crossed for you again this week x

  4. *gasp* there's a healthy katsu curry?!?! Must check that out!

    1. Apparently - though I'm not sure I will make it this week after all, my boyfriend and I have both been ill and I haven't seen him all week (and I don't tend to go to as much effort when I'm just cooking for me). I will try to do it soon and post it on my blog though :-)

  5. it all sounds good.

  6. Sounds like a delicious week! I've been meaning to try chicken katsu curry for ages, will have to give it a go!


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