Thursday 15 December 2011

Whoopie pies

Have you heard of Whoopie pies before? In 2010 they were being described as the latest craze in America - the new cupcake! And having made - and eaten - them, I can see why!

A whoopie pie is kind of a cross between a cookie and a cake, with a buttercream-type filling sandwiched in the middle. Apparently they were a tradition among the Amish community, who would bake them for farmers' lunch boxes. When the farmers opened their lunch and saw what their wives had given them, they would shout "whoopie!".

I'd wanted to try them for a while then my friend BakingAddict posted a recipe on her website and I decided to follow her lead. I'm sure she won't mind if I share her recipe with you here!

The pies are pretty easy to make, though they were larger than I expected - I probably used too big a spoonful on the baking sheet not realising how much they would spread. Not that I minded!

Because it was nearly Christmas I decided to make them a little festive. The chocolate colour reminded me a little of a Christmas pudding, so I made some simple white icing and spread it over the top, and added a little edible holly decoration I had bought along with some other cake bits online. I thought they looked pretty cute, and in a pretty Christmas box they made good gifts for my boyfriend's family!

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