Sunday 18 December 2011


No, not Messrs Pitt and Walsh.... brads are little fasteners also known as split pins, that can be used to attach pieces of paper and card together. They are often used in card making as you can buy brads with decorative tops - either colours or patterns or even letters.

For the cards below, I used outline stickers of oriental dresses, on tall thin card blanks. I covered the card blanks with purple paper so used a purple pen to colour in a little of the outline stickers, as you can particularly see in the card on the left.

For the card in the middle, I covered the card blank with purple patterned paper, and cut out a piece of plain purple paper to overlay in the middle. I used four purple brads in the corners to fix on the paper - obviously I could have glued it on, but I like the way the brads stand out.

This card on the left also uses brads, with alphabet letters on. Rather than use them to fix on another piece of paper or card, I just used them as a decorative feature to spell out my friend's name.

These are a couple of other cards I made at the same time.

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