Friday 16 December 2011

Royal Wedding party

My birthday this year happened to fall on the same day as Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton, so I decided to have a royal wedding-themed birthday party! I put up bunting around the garden and several people wore red, white and blue. We even had little flags to wave while we were watching the wedding on TV!

I bought some union jack cake picks (i.e. tooth picks or cocktail sticks with a little flag on the end) and some edible rice paper circles with pictures of William and Kate. I made various cakes and think these ones below were caramel.

I also made a union jack cake. The blue colour looks a little wrong as I didn't have any blue roll-out icing so coloured some white icing myself with food colouring.

We played pin the tail on the corgi!

And I couldn't resist buying a couple of cardboard masks... this is me and my boyfriend as Kate and William!

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