Tuesday 12 September 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 37

So it's week 37 of the year in meal planning terms but for me, it's also weeks 13 and 14! In case you missed my announcement last week, my husband and I are expecting a baby, which is very exciting and also a little daunting! There's a lot to prepare for and learn - I have almost no idea about babies! One thing I do know about though is food and meal planning - I've read up on all the extra vitamins and so on that I need during pregnancy, and for the past several weeks have actually been using and adapting meal plans from babycentre.co.uk.

These are brilliant - there are plans for each trimester and week by week, though they do repeat themselves several times. As there are some things on there I don't like, I've made a list for the first trimester and now the second, of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, and have been putting my own meal plans together from that.

Here's this week's. At the moment I don't have any evening/ weekend/ social plans (I've been so tired for the last few weeks, I need a nap during the day - not helpful when I'm at work) and fall asleep very early in the evening!) but that might change.

Breakfast early start on a Monday for a pre-working hours meeting, so will take yogurt and fruit with me
Lunch tuna sandwich
Dinner: chicken and butternut squash risotto

Tuesday working from home
Breakfast porridge
Lunch sardines on toast
Dinner: slow cooked beef ragu from this recipe

Breakfast yogurt and fruit
Lunch  leftover chicken and butternut squash risotto
Dinner: apple and lamb mince with cous cous I was going to make last week but didn't

Breakfast wholemeal toast and peanut butter
Lunch carrot and coriander soup with a bread roll
Dinner: salmon with pine nuts, broccoli and sweet potato mash or possibly out at the theatre

Breakfast yogurt and fruit
Lunch tuna sandwich
Dinner: jacket potato as I need a very quick meal as I am trying out a pregnancy yoga class tonight! Not really how I imagined spending my Friday nights but it's very local and the only night they do it.

Breakfast Scotch pancakes
Lunch soup, for want of a better idea
Dinner: mozzarella chicken

Breakfast Scotch pancakes
Lunch ham and cheese quesadillas
Dinner: roast beef

Share what's on your meal plan this week - join in the blog hop!

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