Tuesday 5 September 2017

London to Brighton Rally and the Codfather, Brighton

My husband and I took part in the London to Brighton rally for the second time this year - the classic car rally is probably more famous but there is also a version for sports cars and kit cars. For the uninitiated a kit car is one where people assemble a vehicle from components - they often resemble other more expensive cars.

We had lovely weather for it, unlike last time, and also managed not to get lost, unlike last time. You don't end up driving in a convoy - occasionally there are a couple of other cars on the rally in front or behind but for most of the journey it was just us enjoying each other's company and the pretty route we drove through.

We stopped at the Rural Life Centre near Farnham in Surrey - they always plan a sightseeing stop on the route of the rally though I think the previous time's visit to Saint Hill Manor, the former home of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard - which is apparently now owned by Tom Cruise! That was fascinating and much more interesting than seeing some old farm equipment, but never mind.

Finishing the rally in Brighton we met up with a friend but first needed to get something to eat for lunch. We were hungry and didn't want to venture far from where the cars were all parked up on display, and as it was a lovely sunny day, why would we want to go anywhere other than the seafront, and eat anything other than fish and chips?

The Codfather was nearby, not too busy and had an amusing name and lots of appealing dishes on the menu. My husband had burger and chips and while I was tempted by fish (in batter, that is) I really fancied something else on the menu - a salad with prawns and smoked salmon. I wasn't sure how filling it would be so had a plate of sweet potato fries on the side, which turned out to be quite large. It was delicious - surprisingly good actually for what looked like a cheap and cheerful seafront café.

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