Monday 6 March 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 10

I have three days off this week as study leave to complete coursework for a professional qualification. I've been working on it for several weekends over the past few months and really hope I can get it finished!
leftover chicken in garlic sauce from Sunday
pizza from the freezer as we were home late
Wednesday – at home
Lunch - baked potato
Dinner - tagliatelle and meatballs
Thursday – at home
Lunch - leftover pizza
Dinner - burgers and chips
Friday – at home
Lunch - leftover tagliatelle or macaroni cheese on toast
Dinner - Maggi So Juicy Mexican chicken - found a packet mix in the cupboard I need to use! 
Lunch- croque monsieur
Dinner - out somewhere before we go to the cinema
Sunday – was supposed to be on a Wordpress course which was disappointingly cancelled (by the same college that has cancelled cake decorating courses more than once on me in the past!
Lunch- baked croissant French toast from this recipe.
Dinner - toad in the hole

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  1. What a pain about the course you must be so fed up.

  2. The Maggi juicy mixes are great aren't they! I think I may have a packet in the cupboard! Hope you're having a great week. Thank you for joining in with #mealplanningmonday x


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