Friday 3 March 2017

'A New Home' Greeting Card

I must have made this card seven years ago because it has my address written inside when I moved house... to my home before this one! I moved in 2010 and had been making cards for a little while but it was before I started blogging. I made several 'new home' cards and wrote my new address inside them and sent them to family and friends.

I had one left over that I'd never sent, but it did have my address written inside. When one of my dearest friends told me she had moved in with her boyfriend and gave me her new address, I wanted to send them a card wishing them luck in their new home, but didn't have time to make one (every spare moment is currently taken up with coursework for a professional qualification I'm doing and planning my husband's 40th).

So I decided to use this spare card - it's not recycling if I never actually gave it to anyone! I cut the front off the card and mounted it on another card - a purple one to match the patterned paper across the middle.

To make the original card I used a small house-shaped hole punch to punch out houses in a strip of stripey paper which I stuck across the middle of the card like a ribbon. I had a pack of gold outline stickers with the words 'a new home' and also a lock and key which I used to finish off the simple card.

I'm sending this to Penny's Challenges for her card making challenge.

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