Monday 29 August 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 - week 35

A friend of mine did something called Sugar Free September last year where she went a whole month without eating any sugar - I can't remember if she was able to stick to the plan 100% but she certainly did very well, lost weight and felt a lot better. It was on her recommendation that I bought a book called I Quit Sugar, which is full of great recipes, even if they tend to take a bit longer than just putting something from the freezer in the oven.

I've set myself a weight loss target by Christmas (I'm not saying what it is, as every other diet I've tried has failed as I have zero willpower and like food too much!). So I've decided to try to do Sugar Free September as well - as much as I possibly can, which I'm targeting as at least 5 days a week, if not 6 or 7. There are things coming up where it will be near-impossible to avoid sugar - for instance this week I am going out for afternoon tea with the in-laws. But I will stick to a no-sugar diet as much as I can - which includes not eating foods with hidden sugars like potatoes or bread. It's going to be fun. But it's just for September and if I can't manage this for a month then I don't know how I ever expect to be able to stick to a diet and lose weight!

If anyone else is doing Sugar Free September I'd love to hear from you, about how it's going, what your pitfalls are, and any good recipes you can suggest!

bank holiday - I'm at a friend's in Devon
day off travelling back from Devon (5 hours +)

 pesto chicken I was going to do for the past two weeks but still haven't!
At a jewellery making class where food is provided
 spaghetti carbonara, with spiralized veg instead of pasta for me
Lunch buckwheat galettes for me, ham and cheese pancake for him
Dinner- Slimming World gunpowder pork (chicken for my husband as he doesn't eat pork) with rice.
Today we are having afternoon tea with my inlaws, which has been booked for ages so there's no way I can stick to a sugar free diet! We probably need to leave around midday, so will have a big breakfast and small dinner (or maybe no dinner at all),
Brunch: omelette for him, smoked salmon and poached eggs for me
Dinner:  probably won't be hungry but he can have something from the freezer when we get in if he likes and I will have spiralized veg.

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