Wednesday 17 August 2016

Floral tag initial birthday card

Here's a geometrics-meets-floral birthday card I made for a male friend of my husband. There's no reason why men can't enjoy flowers, but the fact that these have browns and yellows as the predominant colours makes them a bit less girly.

I had a pack of sticky card toppers that featured a tag - the one in the centre of the card -that consisted of a brown background with the words 'just for you' on the bottom (I'm not sure what the words across the middle are supposed to say!) and a brown flower and a couple of buttons. I decided to make this the centrepiece of the card but knew it needed something else.

I covered a square white card blank with brown paper and added a wide strip of patterned brown paper down the side. I used two corner stickers with brown and yellow flowers from the same pack in opposite corners of the card.

Once I bought a pack of cardboard letters and have used them a few times to spell out different names so now I only have odd letters left. I had the letter D, which was this friend's initial, and the letter was brown with flowers so it worked really well with the other colours on the card.

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