Monday 8 August 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 - Week 32

Weekly Meal Plan
I am working from home for several days this week as there is a 5-day train strike but I need to go in to the office on two days. I had wanted to get back onto a proper healthy eating plan but have been busy all weekend with only a short time to plan meals before I had to do the food shopping. Also, it's my father-in-law's birthday this week and we are having a takeaway and I'm out at a leaving do another night so I won't be eating healthy meals every night but will do my best!
Monday - working from home
Lunch: chicken skewers left over from barbecue at weekend
Dinner: pan-roasted chicken with crème fraiche spaetzle from Saturday Kitchen p14 (I was going to do this last Sunday but we were home too late).
Make Slimming World lemon meringue pie.
Tuesday - working from home
Lunch: baked sweet potato with feta cheese
Dinner: for me: braised salmon with mustard and a Gruyere herb crust from the Saturday Kitchen cookbook, p.25 (was going to do this last week then was home really late - the trains have been terrible lately). He doesn't eat salmon and we've got a burger from the weekend that will need using so he can have that.
Wednesday - in the office
Lunch: chicken salad, with an extra snack of houmous and carrot sticks since I'm going straight out after work
Dinner: out at a leaving do
Thursday - working from home
Lunch: won't really be able to cook as the cleaner arrives just before midday so I think the best thing is to make a sandwich before she comes
Dinner: Slimming World cauliflower rosti pie for me, chicken chargrills and mashed potato for him.
Make birthday cake for my father-in-law
Friday - in the office
Lunch: chicken salad
Dinner: takeaway for my father-in-law's birthday
Lunch: simple mini pizzas from 'Top 100 recipes for a healthy lunchbox'
make orange and lemon barley water from Tesco magazine
Dinner: barbecue: Creole steaks with sausages for him and lamb shish kebab for me, grilled halloumi and fresh bread of some kind for him and salad for me (mooli salad if I can get mooli), maybe a baked potato
Lunch: bacon sandwich for him, tuna quesadilla for me
Dinner: lamb grillsteak with mint sauce and roast potatoes for me, gammon with mashed potato (and maybe Yorkshire pudding, doesn't really go but have some in the freezer to use up) for him.
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  1. I love than you plan your lunches too! I'm forever pinning delicious lunch recipes and then always end up eating cheese sandwiches! Hope your're having a god week!


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