Monday 11 April 2016

Meal Planning Monday Week 16

I was out for half of Saturday and all of Sunday so didn't have much time for food shopping or meal planning this week but there is plenty of food to use up in the freezer as well. However, I'm on a new diet which means overhauling what I eat to some extent: I'm supposed to be cutting out all sugar, including hidden sugars in everything from bread to potatoes which won't be easy! I've also been told to skip breakfast every day and that if I eat a little bit of fat in the evenings I won't be hungry in the mornings which I am dubious about. I only have to do this 5 days a week and can eat 'normally' on the other two days - I'm told people usually pick the weekend but I'm going to a restaurant that I'm really looking forward to on Weds so will make that one of my days off plan!

For lunches, I am going to have salad like last week but won't be able to have the tinned new potatoes I've been adding in, or probably the fat free salad dressing I bought as well. So I will have to have more protein and do things like cook some hardboiled eggs, or make some homemade soup and take that in.

fish en papilotte with spiralized butternut squash for me (Inspiralized p174), chicken en papilotte for him, based on this recipe (on meal plan for last week but didn't make)

chicken and vegetable stir-fry with a homemade sauce from soy and lime juice - nothing with any hidden sugars. If I have time and the right ingredients I will make some soup for lunch tomorrow.
out for dinner with friends - day off from the diet
The other half will probably go to his mum's so I will have fish and vegetables

was going to have scampi and chips but on this new diet I can't... I will have the rest of the stir fry as a packet of veg usually does two meals.

Lunch: just me as my fiancé has to go into work today ; to stick to the sugar free diet I think I might treat myself to a homemade seafood platter of prawns, smoked salmon, homemade mayonnaise and anything else I can find.

Dinner creamy coriander and minted chicken, p165 slimming world extra easy all in one

Lunch bacon sandwich
Dinner Slow cooked gammon with cider from Slimming World Extra Easy all in one p198 (on the meal plan from last week but didn't make). There is sugar in the cider so I guess this will count as my other day off the sugar.


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  1. Great meal plan...The Slow cooked gammon sounds delicious.
    We are having scampi this week.


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