Monday 4 April 2016

Meal Planning Monday Week 15

Breakfasts this week will be yogurt mixed with protein powder or yogurt with fruit, and for lunch now the weather is nicer I'm going to start eating salads.

Dinner: tuna and vegetables for me, chicken and mashed potato for him
Dinner: spaghetti Bolognese
Dinner:  fish en papilotte with spiralized butternut squash for me (Inspiralized p174), chicken en papilotte for him, based on this recipe (on meal plan for last week but didn't make)

Dinner: out after work for drinks so will get something to eat on the way home

working from home.
Lunch: Hawaiian pasta
Dinner: Slow cooked gammon with cider from Slimming World Extra Easy all in one p198

Early lunch as I'm meeting my friend and her daughter to go bridesmaid dress shopping : bacon sandwich or cheese toasties or crumpets if we have no bread
Dinner: something easy from the freezer my fiancé can cook in case I'm back late

Lunch: Out at an Aston Martin day at Beaulieu. Might take a picnic, will depend on the weather
Dinner: might be back late so something easy from the freezer

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