Friday 18 March 2016

Pink and White Tattered Lace Shoe Birthday Card

The beauty of Tattered Lace dies is that they are so intricate and well-designed that you barely need to put anything else on the card. Take this card, for example- I have one of the Tattered Lace stiletto dies and cut out a shoe on pink card.
I bought some circle die-cuts from Ebay – these are also from the Tattered Lace range but I don’t know what the actual die is called, which is a shame as I’d quite like to own it! Does anyone know?
I had a fairly small 5x5 card blank and put the pink die cut on to take up most of the card, and mounted the shoe on top. I found a small ‘Birthday wishes’ sticker and put that underneath the shoe for a simple, elegant and feminine birthday card.

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