Monday 21 March 2016

Meal Planning Monday Week 13

I can't believe it's Easter already - and worryingly that it's nearly April as I'm getting married in June and there is still so, so much to do! It's a short week at work but that just means I have to fit more work into less time as well so I am expecting it to be a pretty hectic week!

Monday - day off to catch up on things I need to do
Lunch - leftover pasta from weekend
Dinner - slow cooker chicken korma

Tuesday - at a chocolate making blog event

Wednesday - tuna steak and veg for me, gammon and fried egg for him

Thursday - home a little late as I'm going to a mindfulness session after work (anything to help me stress less!). So we can have something quick from the freezer - some kind of chicken and chips

Friday - bank holiday. My parents are coming up and my mum and I are going out for afternoon tea with the ladies who are soon to be my in-laws.
Lunch - full English so we can have a little something to eat and my dad and fiancé can have a proper lunch
Dinner - not sure we will want much or what time we will be back; the men can find something from the freezer!

In London shopping for my mum's outfit for my wedding
Dinner - don't expect to get back very early as trains are a nightmare over Easter so either something from the freezer or if we are really late, the chip shop!

Easter Sunday - finally a day to relax at home!
Lunch - I'm going to do a proper Easter roast chicken
Dinner - Easter tea of Scotch pancakes, hot cross buns, crumpets and cake. Only the cake will be homemade as I have enough to do already this weekend!

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