Monday 28 March 2016

Meal Planning Monday Week 14

I was so tied up with making Easter treats and planning for a busy weekend while my parents were visiting that I completely forgot to plan a menu for this week! In a way that's a good thing as I need to get back on my diet so I'm going to do some pretty simple meals this week.

Monday - bank holiday
Lunch: crumpet pizzas (lots of crumpets left from weekend)
Dinner: sweet and sour chicken for me, chicken wrapped in bacon for him

Lunch: homemade Thai chicken patties
Dinner: leftovers from Sunday's roast for me, frozen pizza for him (as it's the quickest thing to cook as mine only needs reheating)

Lunch: protein drink with houmous and carrot sticks for snack
tuna and vegetables for me, chicken chargrills and mashed potatoes for him

Thursday - working from home
Lunch: Quinoa shrimp paella based on this recipe
Dinner: fish en papilotte with spiralized butternut squash for me (Inspiralized p174), chicken en papilotte for him, based on this recipe

Lunch: out with my fiancé for his birthday
Dinner: takeaway with my fiancé's family (his choice for a birthday meal)

Lunch: bacon sandwich
Dinner: Cajun shrimp and chicken etouffee (one of each, not mixed) - using a packet mix I got in New Orleans with garlic bread

Lunch: fresh pasta with garlic bread
Dinner: Slimming World cowboy pie for him, fish pie for me

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