Saturday 6 June 2015

Restaurant Review: Jamie's Bakery, Gatwick Airport

These days I always seem to end up taking flights that leave mid-morning so tend to arrive at airports in time for breakfast. I like to try out different places to eat so when I was flying to Edinburgh a couple of months ago I ate at Jamie’s bakery. It’s part of Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italian chain, but this is designed to be more of a quick-serve café for people without as much time. There are tables where you can sit and eat but the food is generally the kind of thing you could take away if you are really in a rush.
The restaurant has a posh-café décor with kilner jars on shelves and a blackboard menu; a lot of the food is on counters so you can see what you are choosing and I spotted an unusual-looking sausage roll – rather than long and thin and closed at both ends, it was more of a fat chunky rectangle, with pastry over the top, bottom and sides but with the ends open. I decided to try it and found it very filling – just the thing before a flight and a late lunch. The pastry was quite flaky though and most of it fell off every time I took a bite, so I ended up eating mainly sausage and not much pastry!
It was nice to see something a bit different available at the airport which is cheap, quick and filling. Look out for some more airport restaurant reviews soon as I’ve been doing some travelling!

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