Thursday 11 June 2015

F1 Foods Canada Round-Up and the Next Challenge: Austria


Last weekend's Canadian Grand Prix was won by Lewis Hamilton, but never mind that, what about those Canadian recipes?! The idea behind Formula 1 Foods is to make something inspired by the location of each race, and for me Canada was a bit easier than some of the countries we've had!

I made poutine, which is basically posh chips with gravy and cheese, and tastes far nicer than it sounds! The gravy is more of a sauce with a hint of BBQ; I was very sceptical but really enjoyed them!
Suelle from Mainly Baking shared these butter tart squares which of course use maple syrup. They have a deep filling of syrup and nuts and look like sticky squares of gorgeousness.

Welcome to Eating Enhanced - a blog I hadn't come across before so it was nice to see a new entrant taking part. Maple syrup again is the star of the show in these maple banana cakes, which also have raisins for added chewiness.

Last but not least, a savoury dish from Jane at Onions and Paper: venison steaks with slow cooker scalloped potatoes. On her last trip to Canada she picked up a slow cooker recipe book; unfortunately the potatoes didn't turn out very well (by her own admission) but the venison looks lovely!

The next Formula 1 Grand Prix takes place on 19-21 June, this time in Austria. So you have plenty of time to link up your Austrian recipes (anyone for Schnitzel?) - the event will close on Sunday 28 June. Please add your recipes (which can include old posts) to the linky here.

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  1. Apologies that it looks as if I won't be able to cook and blog a suitable dish within the next week, so to make up for it I've posted about one of our favourite foodie sites in Austria - or quite possibly in the whole world! Hope that isn't too much like cheating!


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