Monday 22 June 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 26

Lunch: BBQ leftovers 
Dinner: sandwich as I’m at a cake decorating class
Lunch: out with a colleague who is in town today
Dinner: out with a friend (didn't intentionally plan these to be the same day!)
Lunch: sandwich – will be stuck at a desk
Dinner: probably working late so something my boyfriend can easily cook
Lunch: sandwich or salad
Dinner: butternut squash and feta cheese pasta for me, pasta carbonara for him
Lunch: out with a friend
Dinner: BBQ at home as part of my pledge to use it at least once a week! I will make it easy as it’s been a busy week though and just have something simple like sausages or anything I can pick up that’s ready-made
Lunch: home alone as the Other Half is at Goodwood
Dinner: for me: Deliciously Ella's butternut squash risotto with grilled chicken; for him, BBQ chicken and potato wedges
Lunch: Not sure what the plan is today as we are babysitting my boyfriend’s nephews
Dinner: for me: a variation on Deliciously Ella's brazil nut and rocket pesto pasta. For him: spaghetti and meatballs

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