Wednesday 3 June 2015

Restaurant Review: Garfunkels, Gatwick Airport

I’ve been travelling again… this time to Mexico, Guatamala and Belize, so look out for some international restaurant reviews soon! I’m starting somewhat closer to home and more prosaically however, with Gatwick airport. With a range of places to eat on offer – and the option of bringing your own sandwich – I’m hoping to give readers something of an insight into the choices available. Check out the other airport restaurant reviews I’ve written here.
We were at the airport at breakfast time which admittedly does limit the options – I’m always amazed at the people you see knocking back a couple of pints at 7am, but I suppose they are on holiday! Personally I don’t really want a burger at breakfast time (though I haven’t ruled it out!) which means there are not so many choices on offer.
My boyfriend wanted a full English which meant that a couple of places were out; we chose therefore Garfunkel’s as I’d eaten dinner at the chain before (though not for a long time) but never had breakfast. He had his full English, which came with bacon, sausage, fried egg, baked beans and toast; it would also have had mushroom and grilled tomato but he asked to leave these off and was offered extra bacon instead which was appreciated!

I don’t really do full English and don’t like omelette but wanted something more substantial than pancakes, so I chose a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. It came with an option of chips or hash browns and since this was breakfast time, I decided to have the hash browns. Unfortunately the hash browns were very oily and overcooked and while the sandwich was OK, I was quite disappointed. My boyfriend’s full English was fairly good but he had the same overdone hash browns. Little were we to know that this was still a lot better than the breakfasts we would end up having in our hotels in Mexico!

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