Monday 23 February 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015- Week 9

I put on two pounds last week - well, over the last two including my Valentine's weekend away - which I'm quite disappointed by. So I have come up with an unusual plan: I'm going to live off ready meals for the week. But not just any ready meals - as you may have seen in the press or in Iceland, Slimming World has launched a range of ready meals, which are all syn free.

They recommend that you eat the meals with plenty of fresh veg and provide the recipe on the back of the packet - the idea being that these meals are great if you are short of time but ultimately you should be eating freshly cooked food, which I like. I also like the fact that the portion sizes are quite big - the packets are double the size of the ready meals sold under the name of a certain other weight loss brand!

I don't normally eat ready meals at all but lately I've found I'm too busy or tired to put any thought into packed lunches and end up making a sandwich, even though I know that isn't always the best idea (and on Slimming World, most types of white bread are high in syns). So I am going to take a SW ready meal into work for my lunch every day, and try to have a different one for my dinner in the evening on the nights I'm home (I do a cake decorating class on a Tuesday and have to take something I can eat on the way). I'm also hoping that the fact that the meals are syn free will inspire me to try harder with my snacks and have as few syns every day as I can. I've got to 7pm on Monday evening and had no syns so far today!
 I will still have to cook dinner for my boyfriend and resist the temptation of sausage and chips and the like, but I really want to do this as an experiment, to see if the ready meals work, to see if I can stick to the plan, and shift the two pounds I put on. And I'm quite curious to know what the new range of meals tastes like! Leave me a comment if you've tried them already!

I'm home alone for lunch on Saturday but do want to have a proper dinner with my boyfriend that night so I'm planning to make piri piri chicken with sweet potato wedges from Slimming World magazine which was on a recent meal plan but I didn't make it.

Similarly on Sunday I want a proper dinner and have got some lamb in the freezer I need to use so will try the Slimming World Caribbean Lamb from this recipe. Wish me luck!

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