Monday 16 February 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 8

We had a lovely long weekend in Cambridge - as well as a restaurant review I'm planning to tell you what it's like to eat at a formal hall in one of the university colleges. I missed my weigh in on Saturday so am going to have to be good this week, but I also missed the day I do my weekly supermarket shop! I'm going to pick up a few fresh things after work but don't want to have to carry groceries home every night so am also going to use up some of the stuff in the freezer.

Monday - giant filled Yorkshire puddings

Tuesday - Shrove Tuesday, and I'm not at my cake decorating class tonight as it's half term. I'm planning to make savoury pancakes for dinner and if we fancy it, sweet ones for dessert as well!

Wednesday - having guests for dinner but as I don't get home from work til 7 I needed something quick to cook. It's Chinese New Year soon so I'm using that to inspire a few different dishes, and using recipes from Slimming World.

Thursday - pizza from the freezer as it's quick and I need to make a birthday cake

Friday- again need something quick as I will be decorating the birthday cake, maybe gammon and chips or something my boyfriend can put in the oven and look after

Saturday lunch - sausage and egg McMuffins
dinner - at a friend's for her birthday

Sunday lunch - pub lunch with the Aston Martin Owners Club
dinner - not sure what time we will be back, so probably something from the freezer depending on what we have for lunch

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