Monday 12 January 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015- Week 3

While I said that I only put on half a pound over Christmas, it turned out that I put on 2 pounds the following week, which included new year - I had two big buffets that week and some leftovers. But I was back on track with last week's meal plan, which if you remember was lifted directly from Slimming World magazine (with a few tweaks where I didn't like the suggested meals). I didn't stick to the meals in the right order for various reasons I won't bore you with, and I did go out for dinner one night, but I did otherwise stick as much as I could to the meal plan. So I was really disappointed when I put on another half pound! I'm full steam ahead with the healthy plan again this week, though I am out for the first two nights which means I can't cook a healthy dinner at home.

I'm really excited though as I'm starting a 10 week wedding cake course! I love cake decorating lessons as you may know from the ones I've blogged about. I took a novelty cake decorating class at my local adult education college SCOLA a couple of years ago, then last year enrolled on their sugar flowers class starting in January 2014, only for them to cancel at literally the last minute - I only found out when I phoned the day before to check what I needed to bring! Undeterred, I signed up for their wedding cake course starting this January, and this time rang up before the college broke up for Christmas to find out what I needed to bring... only to be told it had been cancelled. Sigh.

Luckily I managed to get a place on another wedding cake course not too far from me, at South Thames College in Tooting. That's pretty much on my way home from work - the only problem being, with the SCOLA course I could go home (by train, as I work in the City and live in Surrey), get the car and whatever equipment I needed, drive to the college and drive home again with my decorated cake. Now I will have to take whatever I need into work in the morning and carry my cake home on the tube and bus! Still I'm really looking forward to it and intend to blog about the things that I learn over the weeks.

What's this got to do with meal planning? Well, now that I will be taking this class every Tuesday I will have to take a sandwich for my dinner and try to eat a more filling meal at lunchtime. I'm also out on Monday this week at an event hosted by Ladies in Blogging; check them out if you are London based.

Breakfast poached eggs and smoked salmon
Lunch leftover beef stew from Sunday night
Dinner out at a blogger event - will take a sandwich

Breakfast poached eggs and smoked salmon
Lunch jacket potato with chicken
Dinner out at my cake decorating course - will take a sandwich

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch  sandwich
Dinner Leek and macaroni cheese from Slimming World magazine - as it is for me, with sausages (and the pasta as the side dish) for him

Breakfast cereal or porridge
Lunch sandwich
Dinner lamb rogan josh from Slimming World magazine

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch leftover curry
Dinner piri piri chicken with sweet potato wedges from Slimming World magazine

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch cheese on toast which we were going to have a few weeks ago but didn't. I might make mine like this
Dinner Slimming World fish and chips for me, sausage in batter and chips for him. Dessert: rich chocolate mocha mousse from SW magazine.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch/brunch eggs baked in bacon cups with baked beans and toast
Dinner chicken filo pastry pies


  1. Piri Piri chicken with sweet potato wedges sounds yummy! I might have to pinch that idea for my meal plan next week :-)

  2. The cake course sounds great, enjoy! Lovely meal plan, looks like you have it all planned out! I have a few SW recipes on my blog from when I did it a few years back if you were interested :)

  3. Loving your slimming world meals, I'm doing it too, good luck for this week x

  4. Lovely Meal Plan! Are you following Slimming World? I've just started and missing things like Pastry.

  5. Very good! I so want to be this organized next time, so far I've only planned the evening meals, but next week I'm doing breakfast and lunch!

  6. Chicken filo pastry pie, that sounds yummy! The whole week looks delicious :) xx

  7. That looks like a lovely meal plan - will you blog how the rogan josh goes? Only I've just started Slimming World and am keen to find a healthy but really tasty curry. Enjoy your week :-)

  8. Good luck with the wedding cake course....It sounds very exciting!
    Everything sounds delicious! I do like the idea of poached eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast but I am lucky to get a cuppa and a biscuit....hehehe

  9. Great sounding plan, love the sound of the sweet potato wedges. Best of luck on the cake decorating course, its something I've always wanted to try.


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