Monday 5 January 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 2

I only put on half a pound in the week over Christmas which I'm really pleased with, but I do want to get my weight loss back on track so I'm going to follow the recommended 7-day plan in the latest Slimming World magazine.

Breakfast: cereal
Lunch: Mediterranean chicken couscous
Dinner: the SW menu suggests tuna and rocket pasta but I have leftover Lancashire hotpot from yesterday (also a SW recipe) so will have that instead.
The recommended snack for today is homemade leek and potato soup, which to me is a meal rather than a snack but also I'm not going to have time to make soup! So I will stick to protein-rich snacks and fruit.

Breakfast: porridge
Lunch: prawn noodle salad
Dinner: the SW menu has keema curry pie which I will do but I'm pretty sure my boyfriend won't like it so he can have chicken in breadcrumbs and mash instead
The recommended free snack today is sweet potato chips which I'm not going to have time to make so again will stick to other free things

Breakfast: SW menu has egg and bacon on toast. I usually have breakfast at work where we don't have a toaster; we do have a microwave though so I often do poached eggs with smoked salmon.
Lunch: Scandinavian salmon. This is a recipe for salmon on a bed of watercress; I think I would need something else with it and I'm not keen on vegetables done in the microwave so will take some noodles to have with it.
Dinner: SW menu has veggie moussaka which I definitely wouldn't eat; I was going to do gammon steak instead with chips for my boyfriend and lots of veg for me, but actually we've just decided to go out for dinner on Weds as it's been forever since we had anything resembling a 'date night'!
The SW free snack today is wafer thin ham and pickled gherkins; I love to eat ham straight from the packet and love pickled onions so tried gherkins for the first time recently and quite liked them.

Breakfast: SW menu has a Hi-Fi bar, yogurt and banana. So I will have a yogurt for breakfast and a low calorie cereal bar and some fruit later.
Lunch: pizza omelette. I don't like omelette. Instead I will wrap up a tortilla with some tomato puree, ham and a little bit of cheese.
Dinner: Hot dog jackets with homemade slaw. I don't think I will bother with the homemade slaw but this is a dinner my boyfriend will like.
The recommended syn-free snack is a can of vegetable chilli from Asda which again to me is a meal but is also something I don't like.

Breakfast: banana French toast. It's unlikely I will have time to make French toast at home and will have smoked salmon left from Weds so will have poached eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast again.
Lunch: smoked haddock kedgeree
Dinner: Firecracker chicken stir-fry for me, burger and chips for him
Syn-free snack is turkey rashers with cottage cheese; I might stick to wafer thin ham with Laughing Cow cheese

Saturday -
Breakfast: Quorn sausage and beans. I don't like beans so might have a Quorn sausage sandwich.
Lunch: Chicken waldorf jackets. Basically a waldorf salad with chicken in a jacket potato which sounds really nice though I don't like grapes so it won't quite be a waldorf salad! My boyfriend is out at a car show during the day today.
Dinner: Moroccan meatball tagine with golden couscous and coriander. I don't think my boyfriend will eat couscous so he can have the meatballs with something else or if he is back late may want something different for dinner.
Snack for today is veg sticks in a dip made from natural yogurt with fresh chives and mint

breakfast:  bubble and squeak, which sounds horrible
lunch: houmous sandwich with homemade houmous on bread with salad. Depending on what time we get up we might not have breakfast and my boyfriend will probably want a bacon sandwich so I could have houmous if I have time to make it, or a Quorn sausage sandwich again.
Dinner: braised beef stew with Yorkshire puddings.
suggested free snack sounds like a homemade ratatouille which I wouldn't like so I will have something else.

If my boyfriend wants dessert this week there is chocolate mousse in the fridge; he has also still got quite a lot of chocolate he got for Christmas!


  1. Sounds like a good week, enjoy!

  2. Sounds like you've got a fab plan to get back on track, well done on the 1/2 a lb weight gain, that's brilliant over Christmas! I'm also attempting to lose some weight and get fitter, so will be good to see how you're getting on too!x

  3. Good luck with the weight loss! You seem very organised!
    So many tasty treats on the meal plan :D

  4. Wow, I didn't realise Slimming World had such exciting recipes! Hope it all goes well, looks yummy :) xx

  5. Brilliant achievement with your weight over Christmas. You must have had serious self restraint, well done.

    Banana French toast sounds really delicious, might try that next week. Some brilliant meals planned. Have a good week

    Life According to MrsShilts

  6. Good luck sticking to it! Only half a pound is fantastic x

  7. I need to lose about a stone, I've never tried Slimming World but have heard good things so might have to give it a whirl! Thanks for joining in x


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