Thursday 29 January 2015

Konditor and Cook Curly Whirly Cake

 No Curly Wurlys were involved in this cake but the name comes from the chocolate swirls that are piped on the top.
This cake is the one on the front cover of Konditor & Cook's book 'Deservedly Legendary Baking', which I got for Christmas, but I actually made this cake for my birthday last year. The recipe was on the Telegraph's website so you can see it for yourself even if you don't have the book. The cake was fairly easy to make and even the decoration wasn't difficult. And this was one of the nicest chocolate cakes I've ever made - I highly recommend you check out the link above and try out the recipe for yourself!
Heat half the milk and the sugar in a pan, add the chocolate and stir until melted and leave to cool.

Beating the butter and sugar with the eggs

After adding the chocolate

Spoon into two tins and bake in the oven

And here are the cakes after they came out of the oven

Cooling on my three-tier cooling rack

Making the frosting

Cover the cake with the frosting

Melt chocolate and pipe in curly whirly swirls over the top.
The chocolate sets hard and gives a different texture when you bite into it and the soft cake, which is unusual. And I'll say it again, as well as looking pretty this cake tasted amazing!


  1. Looks pretty perfect to me... Although I would have stuck a couple of actual Curley Wurleys in there for good measure!

  2. Chocolate cakes made with melted chocolate are definitely yum.... always! And I'm all for a heavenly dose of cream cheese frosting. Not sure my piping skills would have been this successful!!

  3. What a beautiful cake!
    It sounds delicious too.

  4. This indeed is such a fab cake- I got invited to a class at Konditor and Cook which was amazing not least as we got to make this absolute classic!

  5. Wow what an impressive looking cake. I'll have to give it a go myself and look out for the book too.


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