Saturday 22 November 2014

Why Are Food Start Ups So Popular?

It’s fair to say that the UK hasn’t always had the best reputation when it comes to food. However, over recent years the nation has witnessed something of a culinary renaissance. Now, Britain boasts many of the world’s best restaurants and most highly renowned chefs, and it offers a tantalising array of cuisines.

One of the hottest trends at the moment is food pop ups. These temporary eateries are springing up in towns and cities across the country, to the delight of discerning diners. If you’re in search of these contemporary restaurants, you’ll need to keep your ears and eyes open. Blink and they’re gone. Luckily, it’s possible to get the lowdown on these novel venues by visiting websites such as Squaremeal. There, you can find information concerning all manner of dining establishments.

 Meanwhile, here are just some of the reasons why people are flocking to pop ups in their droves.

Something different and exciting

One of the major draws of these temporary restaurants is the fact that they offer something different and exciting. Often, they’re advertised at the last minute and in unconventional ways. In some cases, a matter of days before the opening, word goes out via social media. This helps to create an air of secrecy and exclusivity that punters can’t get enough of.

 Menus are frequently kept top secret until the 11th hour too, and venues have included everything from disused hospitals to ballrooms and alleyways.

 Lower prices

Another reason why foodies can’t get enough of pop ups is the low prices they often boast. OK, so we’re not talking dirt cheap. After all, the dishes on offer can be high-end. However, compared with equivalent quality meals in conventional restaurants, they can be much more affordable.

 Great food

Some of the country’s best chefs are showcasing their skills in these short-term establishments. These talented individuals are keen to connect with different audiences and to show their food off to people who may not otherwise experience it. Also, pop ups give cooks a chance to try out different styles and to be more experimental in their approach.

This can all translate into tasty treats for hungry diners, who get to sample delicious, innovative culinary creations from uber talented chefs.

Given the popularity of these restaurants, you’ll need to be quick off the mark if you want to reserve tables at them. Some last for a few weeks or longer, but others are around for a matter of days.

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