Thursday 27 November 2014

Double Chocolate Microwave Mug Cake


When I made the chocolate and pear mug cake for myself, I couldn't leave out my boyfriend, but he doesn't like pears. So I turned to the same recipe book, Mug Cakes by Mima Sinclair - well, if my dessert wasn't going to involve any washing up apart from a mug, I wasn't going to get out the mixing bowls for his!

I thought he would appreciate the triple chocolate cake from the book; having said that the recipe only seems to use two types of chocolate so I'm going to call it a double chocolate mug cake!

To serve one, you need:
2 tbsp. softened butter plus extra for greasing
40g dark chocolate, finely chopped
1 egg
2 tbsp. semi-skimmed milk
3 tbsp. caster sugar
3 tbsp. self-raising flour
pinch of salt
for the ganache:
6 tbsp. double cream
50g dark chocolate finely chopped

Begin by making the chocolate ganache; place 4 tbsp. of the cream in a mug and microwave on high for 30 seconds. Add the 50g dark chocolate and mix until the chocolate has melted.

Place the butter and 40g chocolate in another mug which must be able to take 350ml of liquid and microwave for 10-20 seconds on high until melted.

Using a fork, carefully mix in the egg and the milk and then the sugar, flour and salt. You then need to spoon this out into a third mug (OK, so this recipe does create a bit more washing up!) which you have greased with a little softened butter. This is important as you want to turn the cake out of the mug later.

Microwave for 2 minutes in an 800 watt microwave; add or subtract 10 seconds for every 100 watt difference. Allow to cool before eating; when you are ready to serve, turn the cake out into a bowl and pour the chocolate ganache over the top. It may not look the most attractive dessert but it tastes pretty good and is ready in a matter of minutes!

I am sending this to Cook Blog Share hosted by Lucy at Supergoldenbakes.

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  1. Awesome recipe Caroline! Looks delicious! What restaurant have you had the best double chocolate cake? Remember to add it to your Besty List!


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