Monday 17 November 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - Week 47

Monday - I'm at a choir rehearsal so my boyfriend will go to his mum's

Tuesday - curry with leftover chicken from roast

Wednesday-  schnitzel - I was trying to get sauerkraut but can't believe Lidl didn't have any! (I've just come back from Vienna, home of the Wiener schnitzel!)

Thursday - Out at a talk by Nigella Lawson who I am really looking forward to meeting

Friday - something from the freezer like sausage and chips or burgers

Saturday - I was meant to be out at a choir rehearsal all day and seeing a friend in the evening but I'm not going any more. Our choir concert is next week but I am now going into hospital to have my wisdom teeth out so I won't be able to sing :-( So there is no point me spending all day at the rehearsal any more either. Instead I think my boyfriend and I will go out to dinner and to see the Hunger Games film at the cinema, and for lunch I will do his favourite, a bacon sandwich.

Sunday lunch - TBA, I might see if the friend I was meant to visit yesterday can come round for lunch and as she's vegan I will need to find a suitable recipe.

dinner - Slimming World chicken chasseur with Dijon mustard mash

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