Monday 22 September 2014

Meal Planning Monday - week 39

The end is finally in sight... most of our new house is painted, most of the new floors are down (and look amazing - we got rid of the previous owners' tatty pink carpet and have hardwood flooring throughout the house) - but we still haven't done much unpacking! It's been hard to cook proper meals when we are busy painting and when the kitchen is full of boxes, so hopefully things will get back to normal this week, though we are away for the weekend.

Monday I have choir rehearsal so my boyfriend can cook something from the freezer or go to his mum’s
Tues – Mexican fajita chicken with mashed potato
Weds- my boyfriend is out at a work dinner, so I will cook salmon and vegetables
Thurs I’m probably at work drinks so my boyfriend will go to his mum’s
Fri-Sun afternoon away visiting friends and family
Sun dinner: (will have had a big lunch)- probably something easy from the freezer as I don’t know what time we will be back.


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