Monday 29 September 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - week 40

I've finally got internet access at home and got almost the whole of the next two weeks off - unfortunately it's to do nothing more exciting than decorate, build flat-pack furniture and unpack! On the other hand our new house is finally starting to look really nice.

My boyfriend is also off for the first week and I know he won't be keen for me to spend time cooking when I could be decorating but I really need to get back on the diet bandwagon so that means making time to prepare healthy meals - but ones that don't take too long to cook. So here is this week's plan:

Lunch- bacon sandwich for him, pasta for me
Dinner – Spanish paprika chicken with mashed potatoes (I’m skipping tonight’s choir rehearsal)
Lunch- chicken ciabatta
Dinner- sticky five spice gammon steaks, with Slimming World chips
Lunch – tuna pasta for me, beans on toast for him
Dinner- chicken curry for him, prawn curry for me
Lunch - baked potato and salad for me, bacon sandwich for him
Dinner- Slimming World diet coke chicken
Lunch – I’m at the Cake and Bake Show today so will take a packed lunch
Dinner- will be home late so burger and chips as my boyfriend can put that on
Lunch - hot dogs with Quorn sausages for me
Dinner – will probably go to my boyfriend’s mum’s. She always has a takeaway on a Saturday so he will do the same but  I think I need to stick to my diet and will cook my own dinner and will have fish and vegetables.
Lunch - soup and bread roll
Dinner - steak and chips

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