Monday 15 September 2014

Meal Planning Monday - week 38

We moved house two weeks ago and I've never been so busy in my life. The whole house needs redecorating and we decided to get new wood floors- partly because we think they look better than carpet, and partly because the previous owners carpeted around the wardrobes rather than under them, so the bedrooms have big sections of floor with no carpet! It made sense to repaint the entire house (no small feat) before the new floors are put in, and it made sense to do that before we unpacked, as it's easier to move boxes. So two weeks into living in my dream home, and it's a total wreck!

 We have only finished one room - our bedroom - and are frantically trying to paint downstairs before the new floor is done later this week. It's not just painting the walls - we have to remove the tasteful (ahem) light fittings, take every knob and handle off the windows and doors, paint and then put them back on, paint the ceiling and coving, do the skirting boards then put masking tape all along them so we can paint the walls and not get the paint on the skirting board... that's as well as moving boxes and furniture and regular trips to B&Q to buy more paint. And that's just one room! On the plus side, my lovely new American style fridge arrived today.

So meal planning has gone out of the window - as have meals, on the whole. My boyfriend has to rabbit sit for his mum so is usually having his dinner at her house while I grab something quick at home and then go back to painting. Luckily she's back this week so we can spend some evenings together (painting, of course!) and I do have a couple of evenings out as well. So with the proviso that this meal plan is more subject to change than usual, here's what I've planned:

Monday at choir rehearsal, so I've bought a pizza for my other half

Tuesday Spanish smoked paprika chicken (easier than it sounds, from a new flavour shot from Schwartz)

I'm out at an author panel discussion and book signing that I won a ticket to -  meeting Jane Green and Lucy Diamond

Thursday day off TBC (waiting for confirmation) as the new floors are being done
Dinner burger and chips

Friday day off tbc
Sausage and mash for him, weightwatchers lasagne for me

Saturday I'm out all day at a tea tasting at the V&A then a choir rehearsal. May have to remember to buy something for my boyfriend or he will just skip lunch
Dinner home late from choir and my boyfriend's mum is just back from holiday so we will probably go to see her

Sunday lunch TBA but something quick as we are redecorating (Still!)
Dinner toad in the hole which I keep putting on the meal plan then not making!


  1. Hope it all gets sorted soon - moving is so stressful but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end! And am SO jealous of the American fridge - I long for a Smeg. One day...


  2. don't forget ,in your buisy schedule,to get the cat flap put in ,before you go away for the weekend!!

  3. burger & chips, yummy! hope you're sorted soon! #mealplanningmonday


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