Monday 4 August 2014

Meal Planning 2014 - Week 32

The last week in my lovely little house! I will really miss it and it's amazing to think how much in my life has changed since I bought the house just over four years ago. We have finally exchanged on the house we are buying, but as the vendors are being very difficult (even insisting we pay for one night in a hotel for them to move out the day before our mortgage expires, otherwise they refused to move out until the day our mortgage actually expired) we are having to move in with my boyfriend's mum for three weeks. I'm not sure how my cat and her rabbit will get on!

breaded chicken steak and chips for him, cod and chips for me

 Lunch: baked potato
Dinner: I'm out at a Guardian Masterclass, he will go to his mum's for dinner

Dinner: takeaway as we will have packed everything

Lunch: moving out today so I will buy some sandwiches we can eat on the go
Dinner: At my boyfriend's mum's, she said she has something in the freezer I can have

Something easy eg pasta (she gets the grocery shopping delivered on Saturday so on Friday I will add some things to the list that I want).

lunch mackerel in mustard sauce on toast

dinner steak and jacket potato

lunch tuna melt bagel

dinner roast chicken leg and roast potatoes

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