Thursday 7 August 2014

Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate

Choc Shot is a liquid chocolate that is sold as a mix for hot chocolate but, as the manufacturers Sweet Freedom say, its uses don't stop there. I'd heard people talking about it at Slimming World and bought a bottle in Tesco; it retails for around £3.50 but a little goes a long way.

Choc Shot is low in calories and low GI, and suitable for diabetics and vegans. It also claims to be 100% natural. I think it tastes really good and is very versatile, so here are some of my top uses for Choc Shot:

1. Hot chocolate
This is after all what it is designed for. Mix some Choc Shot into hot milk - you won't have powdery lumps you get with traditional hot chocolate mixes if you don't stir it properly! It was delicious.

2.  Low-fat chocolate mousse
Mix some Choc Shot into a tub of Quark and within seconds enjoy a creamy low-calorie chocolate mousse.

3. Low-fat chocolate ice cream
Do the same as above, but pop in the freezer for a couple of hours and you have a low-calorie chocolate ice cream.

4. Drizzle on top of cupcakes (or any other dessert)
Much less messy and time consuming than melting chocolate to drizzle over desserts; it is really easy to control where you are putting it and as it isn't hot (unlike melted chocolate), you won't melt your buttercream. These particular cupcakes were delicious and will appear on my blog in the future!

5. Milkshake/Latte
Another Slimming World -friendly recipe. Blend a Mullerlight cappucino yogurt with some skimmed milk until frothy, pour into a tall glass and drizzle with Choc Shot for a low-syn ice cold latte. You could also try other Mullerlight flavours to make a milkshake.

Do you like Choc Shot, and what have you used it for?

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  1. Just made this, topped with strawberries and it looks wonderful. Thanks!!!


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