Wednesday 19 February 2014

Restaurant Review - Corney & Barrow, Old Broad Street, London

Restaurant name: Corney & Barrow
Location: Old Broad Street, London
Description: City wine bar with a decent food menu. This is a spacious venue with a mixture of restaurant-style seating and high bar stools at small round tables.
Reason for visit: Before Christmas I was approached by someone I used to work with who was interested in having me come and work with him. He took me here for lunch (as it was halfway between our offices) to put the job to me, then we met here again for lunch a month or so later to go over some of the finer details. Then when I accepted the job, and had some more questions, we went here for lunch again! It was mainly through convenience but it kind of became the place where my new and exciting job started to take shape... so even though I didn't take any photos of my food (my mind was clearly on other things!) I wanted to write about this place where my career started to take a new direction.
I ate: The first time we came, I had the soft herb marinated half roast chicken, which came with a rich red wine jus and  new potatoes. The second time, I ordered the salmon fish cakes, which are made with a combination of fresh (I think poached) salmon and smoked salmon, and served with a lemon mayonnaise and chunky chips. Finally the third time I had the homemade Casterbridge beef burger and chips.
The food was: Very good - it's quite upmarket (more wine bar than pub) so the chicken I had the first time looked quite fancy with the jus drizzled around it. The fishcakes were very good and the lemon mayonnaise really set off the flavours, and the burger was big and juicy.
The atmosphere/service was: Good - the staff were happy to let me move from a table with the high bar stools to a restaurant-style table when I was wondering if I would be able to climb onto the bar stool in my skirt! I also wanted to make a good impression as this was effectively a job interview (though obviously I went into the office for a formal interview) and in the past I have been known to struggle to get down from a high bar stool (well, I'm really short!) and didn't want to embarrass myself!
Price range/value for money: Strangely, the burger costs more than the chicken, though prices are all around £9 - £13 for mains, which includes the side order - unlike some places I have been recently which charge £10 for a burger and fries are extra.
Would I recommend it? Yes, it's in a good location and while the menu isn't huge, there's a decent amount of choice and the food is tasty.

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