Monday 10 February 2014

Meal Planning 2014 - Week 7

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch Buy lunch out
Dinner Out with my boyfriend

Breakfast cereal

Lunch Slimming World pasta quiche

Dinner Wine-glazed duck breasts with figs (chicken instead of duck for the other half) from this recipe

Breakfast cereal

Lunch leftover Slimming World pasta quiche

Dinner coconut-shrimp with mango dipping sauce from this recipe with chips; cajun spiced chicken for my boyfriend as he doesn't eat shrimp

Breakfast cereal

Lunch mackarel in mustard sauce on toast
Dinner goat's cheese and bacon ravioli with meatballs based on this recipe

Breakfast cereal

Lunch jacket potato

Dinner Valentine's Day- we're staying in and I'm cooking steak and chips followed by chocolate fondant

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch zuppa toscana soup for me from this recipe, tomato soup for him with bread - zatar twists

Dinner Out for a friend's birthday

Breakfast cereal

Lunch Fry-up for the other half, sausage gravy for me
Dinner Duck with plums and star anise from this recipe for me, chicken for the other half


  1. Your valentine meal sounds similar to mine (but I can't share on my blog because I want to surprise the mr lol) x

  2. the slimming world pasta quiche sounds delicious im going to have to find the recipe if there is one looks like a great week of meals xx

  3. Ohh wow! Everything sounds delicious especially the Wine-glazed duck breasts with figs!! Yum! x


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