Saturday 16 March 2013

Restaurant review - Zizzi

I've seen a lot of restaurant reviews on other food blogs and since I have now started to write reviews of afternoon teas I've had (and I will soon run out of posts on that subject!) I have decided to add some restaurant reviews as well. I plan to keep them brief as I am hardly a gastronomic expert and if people really aren't interested in these posts I will stop. So let's see how it goes.....

To start off it's a relatively pedestrian choice but I did have a slightly more unusual meal than usual there.

Restaurant name: Zizzi
Location: One New Change, St. Paul's, London
Description:  Italian chain restaurant
Reason for visit: A quick and cheap-ish lunch to welcome a new colleague to our team at work
I ate: Calzon'Pizza Salsiccia. I love calzone (folded pizza) so couldn't resist trying this new take on it - part pizza, part calzone. As you can see from the photo above, most of the pizza is flat and there is a raised pocket on one side, so you get the best of both worlds. In fact you get two separate toppings - the main pizza is sausage and mascarpone and inside the pocket is ham, pesto and rocket. It was very filling and absolutely delicious.
My companion(s) ate: Risotto and salad (yes I know, I felt like a pig after our food arrived).
The food was: Really tasty; it was a nice surprise to find something on the menu that I hadn't had before and the flavours were delicious.
The atmosphere/service was: Fine; we hadn't booked and the restaurant was quite busy but they found us a table
Price range/value for money: Very good - my pizza was about £11. There was a time when I never went to a Zizzi, Pizza Express or similar without a discount voucher, but they seem to have moved away from that a little. We looked it up online and found a 25% off voucher, but it was only valid in the evening and we were there at lunchtime. Probably the first time in ages I've paid full price for a pizza!
Would I recommend it? Definitely - I've always thought Zizzi had a good selection of food - not just pizza and pasta - and I really enjoyed my meal.

OK I realise that wasn't particularly earth-shattering but there will be some more interesting restaurant reviews coming soon!

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  1. I love Zizzi, in fact we were there this weekend too! I saw this on the menu and thought it looked interesting but couldn't resist my usual rustica pizza. We also like Prezzo so if there's one local to you you should definitely check it out!


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