Tuesday 19 March 2013

Restaurant Review - Brasserie Vacherin, Sutton

Restaurant name: Brasserie Vacherin
Location: High Street, Sutton, Surrey/London
Description: Quite posh for Sutton but not a patch on some of the restaurants I've been to in London. Decor is nice but the location just down the road from Sutton station isn't the greatest. It's easy to get to though.
Reason for visit: I saw a special offer on LivingSocial for 3 courses and a glass of Prosecco for £29 for two people - yes, for both, not each. And since I'd often been past this restaurant but never eaten there, and heard good things about it from locals, I wanted to try it.

I ate: Most dishes but not all were included in the offer; the starter I wanted wasn't included. My boyfriend and I shared a starter - I ordered the smoked salmon/gravadlax starter, which was OK but nothing special, and he had a charcuterie board, which I enjoyed far more - the portion size was generous and there was a selection of different hams and meats with some pickled onions, little gem lettuce and bread. We also had bread on our table with butter and anchovy butter, which I hadn't tried before but really liked.

For the main course we both ordered steak - mine medium, his well done - and it was decently cooked. The side order of fries was charged extra to the three course set price.
For dessert we both had the chocolate fondant with hazelnut ice cream which was delicious. I wasn't entirely sure what they were trying to do with the presentation but at least it was a bit different!

My companion(s) ate: see above
The food was: Pretty good and certainly good value for money with this offer. I wouldn't go out of my way to visit this restaurant again but it's nice to know there are some decent local places.
The atmosphere/service was: Interesting; as I said this restaurant is quite posh for Sutton, and people were more smartly dressed than you might expect and the man at the next table was quite loudly flashing the cash, ordering several bottles of expensive wine and declaring he was having chateaubriand because it was the most expensive kind of steak on the menu!
Price range/value for money: Compared to central London eating here at the full price wouldn't be that expensive but it is more than I would usually spend to eat on Sutton high street. The offer we had was fantastic value for money though.
Would I recommend it? Yes, I think so - though normally I would travel further afield for a better choice of restaurants.


  1. all sounds really nice.

  2. yep, it looks like they've got my favorite food. It would be good to eat this while learning the Five Basic Parts of a Dissertation Structure for my project next month.


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